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With the increasing progress of the livestock and poultry breeding industry in the world, as well as the increasing demand for quality products in this field, and simultaneously with the improvement of genetic potential and the increase of production efficiency, the necessity for applying specialists and graduates with experience in this huge industry is augmenting day by day. Considering that high-quality nutrition based on the latest genetic developments is one of the most fundamental and important conditions for raising livestock and poultry along with obtaining maximum production efficiency, there is a need for producers of feed and supplementary feed to employ the best experts and use best facilities to produce these products. Based on this criteria , Kimia Roshd Sepahan company was founded in 2012 by experts and graduates with experience in the field of livestock and poultry nutrition, and now after a decade of successful activity, it is engaged in serving the respected livestock and poultry industry activist of the country in five departments.

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Production and Processing Department:

This department is included of factory and laboratories complexes , Kimya Rosh Sepahan by the overview of production-based commitment has started its activity by one production line with annual production capacitance of 2400 tons for different sorts of poultry and livestock feeds and supplement nutrition. By consideration of God and with our specialist and worker attempting which was along with our consumers supporting and trusts , our production line could be increased to 4 lines which could increase our production line to 30000 tons annually. Kimya Roshd Sepahan could achieve to some international certificates such as HACCP ,ISO9001 which was because of management and production standards using and manufacturing of high-quality products.

One of the most important parts of Kimia Rushd Sepahan factory is the quality control department of raw materials and products. Kimia Rushd Sepahan company, is facilitated by well-equipped chemical and microbial laboratories along with using modern and advanced equipment and devices, including HPLC, beside this experienced specialists, are monitoring the quality of raw materials by conducting a variety of chemical and microbial tests on manufactured products and has tried to maintain high quality as well as maximum peace of mind and consumer trusts.

Research ,Development and Innovation Department

One of important department in Kimya Roshd Sepahan Co is entitled as Research, Development and Innovation. Due to high expenses rate of production in livestock and poultry industries , producing new products with highest outlet and quality rate along with lowest price would be considered as one of success factors for most factories or complexes.

In this regard, Kimia Roshd Sepahan company, by considering the needs of the industry and relying on its strong research and development team which is consisting of experienced experts in the field of animal and poultry nutrition and physiology, by conceptualizing and conducting fundamental and applied research, has designed , tested and produced new products with a scientific approach based on the latest research findings and in accordance with the needs of the industry.

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Marketing and Commercial Department

This department is consisting of talented and experienced experts in sales and marketing fields who are able to dedicate exact technical consulting for livestock and poultry breeders and these consulting are offered according to current needs and breeding conditions, after this process the best product would be selected and entered to related farms. This department has the duty of best raw materials procurement from best European and internal brands through its talented experts.

Technical Protection and After-Sales Services Department

This department would be entitled as one of key sectors in Kimya Roshd Sepahan Complex. The main duty of this department personals is protecting, accompanying and consulting of respectful customers and consumers to proceed into convenient results and conclusion. The set of services and support of this department can be summarized in the form of continuous contact and communication with consumers, providing advice and nutritional and health management guidance, periodical and ad hoc visits and, if necessary, taking samples and conducting necessary tests.

It is hoped that with trust and with the grace of God and the efforts of managers, employees and specialists of this collection as well as the supporting of dear customers and consumers, Kimia Roshd Sepahan Company can play a useful and effective role in the improvement and development of the country’s livestock and poultry industry and accompanying have with producers and breeders.

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